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Tools for Solving Our Educator Problems

Over the past few years, I’ve put together a few resources to help teachers toward better, saner teaching. 

davestuartjr_cover_3d2I’m starting a new semester or school year and I want to start better than I have before

This Pay What You Want product features a variety of resources, ranging from access to the private Facebook group to the reproducible daily lesson slideshows I use to a tour of every surface and purpose within my classroom to 4 videos of me talking through my specific classroom management policy and classroom routines.

Basically, it’s a smorgasbord “starter kit” designed to let you into my thought processes as I start off the school year.


Snag it for whatever price you’d like; seriously, it’s Pay What You Want.


davestuartjr06I need a simple, effective way to get more kids engaged more of the time

This Pay What You Want package contains a reproducible and editable student handout, an annotated slideshow of sample slides I use when facilitating pop-up debate in my class, three videos of students and me engaging in various parts of the pop-up debate routine, and an annotated list of “teacher tips and tricks” that I’ve put together over the past two years of tweaking this strategy.

Basically, it’s a smorgasbord of awesome, and it’s yours for whatever you think it’s worth. Let me know how you like it!

Buy it here.

Or, if you prefer clicking on a big button, name your price & buy it here.

masters-ed-decision-dave-stuartI need to start my master’s degree, but I’m stressing out about the decision

Several years ago, I saw my teaching certificate’s expiration date approaching, and I didn’t like any of my master’s degree options. There were several reasons for this: I wanted a master’s degree that did it all; I didn’t want to incur debt; I didn’t want to sacrifice excessive amounts of time with my family; and so on.

But thanks to a simple decision-making process, I ended up making a decision that I’ve never regretted a bit — in fact, I attribute much of my success to this decision-making process and the institution it led me to choose.

In this free, 5-day email course, I walk you through that process.

Let’s learn together — free.

Social Image- Blogging ClassI’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I don’t know how to start

In every school in the country, there are at least a handful of teachers who see a professional development speaker or read a teacher book and say, “Hey, I could do that.”

Today more than ever, it’s both possible and important that these teachers get their work out into the world.

It’s important because more voices means better ideas.

It’s possible because, as I lay out in this free, 5-day email course, starting a blog for teachers is all it takes build an audience and realize your dreams.

Enroll here for free.

NeverFinished-3d-coverI got into this job to make an impact, but I’m on the highway to burnout

Ask any teacher you know why they became a teacher.

You’ll hear lots of answers, but here are some you won’t hear:

  • I wanted to get great teacher evaluation scores!
  • I was hoping to focus all of my energy on the test results of my students!

Yet how many of us sometimes feel like our jobs have been reduced to these things?

I don’t think it has to be this way; in this downloadable, printable ebook, I explain why.

Buy it here for $10.

I need resources for my classroom, but I can’t keep paying for them out of pocket

My favorite part of this Pay What You Want starter kit is its series of seven screencast videos in which I walk you through beginner, intermediate, and advanced topics, from setting up your Donors Choose account to maximizing donations to your classroom each year. All in all, the documents, videos, and ideas contained in this starter kit have been responsible for over $11,000 worth of classroom donations since 2007.

I created this starter kit because I am tired of teachers burning themselves (and their families!) out by constantly spending their own money on the supplies they need to create an excellent, memorable, exciting classroom.

Our students deserve an elite education — but takes classroom resources. Learn how to help strangers give to your classroom needs.

Name your price!

nfo-common-core-book-davestuartjrI want to do better at teaching the Common Core, but I don’t know where to start

When I started my blog, I had one topic: the Common Core State Standards. I actually read through and wrote about every single one of the 32 literacy anchor standards; shortly thereafter, I put those blog articles into an ebook and sold it on my site for a dollar.

Thankfully, an editor from Jossey-Bass Wiley saw the book and offered to make it a “big kid book” — and so began my initiation into the world of traditional publishing. JBW’s editorial and production teams did a great job with the book, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for an entry point into the Common Core anchor standards.

Buy it on Amazon!

I need some good books to read; which ones most shape your teaching, Dave?

I’m not one of those teachers who can read 100 professional development books each year. Well, I can–but it doesn’t stick. All it does is stresses me out.

So of the relatively few books I’ve read and re-read, these 5 have had the greatest impact on who I am as a teacher and thus how I write for this blog. I would recommend creating an argumentative resource request to get these; if that fails, I’d even spend my own money for them (gasp). They are that freaking good.

common-core-close-reading-schmoker argument-debate-common-core readicide-gallagher common-core-rafe-esquith how-children-succeed-paul-tough-2

I need a list of articles of the week

This one, simple routine has a gigantic impact on my students’ achievement. I first learned of it from Kelly Gallagher, so below you’ll find a list of my AoWs (along with an explanation), and a list of his.