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5 Steps for Getting Comfy Here

Dave Stuart, teacher-bloggerHi, I’m Dave. I help teachers get greater. I’ve been building this blog since May 2012, so there’s lots of schtuff — here are five easy steps to make the most of this place.

1. Join the movement

By far the coolest thing about this blog is its community of people who read, comment, interact, and write here. These are a special breed of educators. They refuse to freak out about everything from the Common Core to the common cold. They don’t have time or energy to expend on Chicken Little antics. They are dedicated to one thing: getting better at our work.

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2. Get a feel for my work through reading three of my best posts

non-freaked-out-common-core-anchor-standards3. Read one of my books

The first ebook I wrote for this blog eventually became my first traditionally published book. Unsolicited reviewers on Amazon say it’s a must-have on any Common Core teacher’s shelf. My tone toward the standards has been described as fresh and “realistically optimistic.” Here’s the book: A Non-Freaked Out Guide to Teaching the Common Core: Using the 32 Literacy Anchor Standards to Develop College- and Career-Ready Students.NeverFinished-3d-cover

My second ebook takes on teacher mindset. It’s called Never Finished.

Now, for the record, when I say “read,” I mean read.

4. Check out my mix tape

Just kidding. But do check me out on video. Here’s one of me reviewing my time at a national teacher conference. Here’s one where I explain how to “closely read” an article of the week.

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5. Say hi to me on Twitter or the ‘Book

I didn’t think much of Twitter until I realized how many teachers are on there, daily sharing ideas, asking questions, and encouraging one another.

At my Facebook page, over 1,000 educators chat about matters ranging from teacher excellence to argumentation strategies.

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